Thursday, 19 January 2012

Plates for inspiration

Some from the cupboard, the others from the second hand store and a gift from a lovely friend thrown in.  I've been wanting a cake stand for ages but I have always found them a little pricey and, of course, there's always one in there that you would want to change.

I put my little collection together with some strong glue and voilà...

now all I need are cupcakes and other such delights.

The inspiration came from a beautiful book entitled Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore.  An absolute gem of a book.

I hope you will be inspired too.

Liz xx


  1. Hey Liz, love the cake stand ♥......will look even better when you have those yummy cup cakes adorning it.

    Sounds like the book is choc full of great ideas.
    The tea cosy is coming along nicely.....

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

    1. Thanks Claire, I can't wait for the cosy!! xx

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  2. Beautiful - what a great idea (she says thinking 'hmmmm - I might have to pinch that idea!) How did you get them right in the middle of the plates? I'd have been terrified of getting them wonky!

    1. Thank you Emily. Please do - they are fun.
      You have to place the glass in the middle roughly then measure from the rim of the glass to the rim of the plate to make sure that it is spot on. Then draw around the rim of the glass with an erasable marker pen. Repeat for the underside of the plate as well. Then when it comes to glueing it's easy peasy.
      You could make more layers too and a teacup at the top looks rather elegant. I find that my glasses are still a little too tall at 12.5 cms but I couldn't wait to get started so they had to do! Hope this helps. xx

    2. That's brilliant - thank you Liz.
      Emily x
      PS - am v impressed with you replying to comments like this!