Tuesday, 27 July 2010

In love with Granny Squares

I am in love, passionately, madly, deeply in love with my Granny Squares.  I have always loved crochet, my mum has always crocheted blankets for me but has never been able to teach me.  I have always wanted to make one of those beautiful, colourful blankets and when I saw one with a How-to on Lucy's blog, Attic 24, (fabulous blog well worth a visit), full of scrummy colours, I was determined to have a go and teach myself.  Lucy's patterns are an eye-opener, they are clear and concise and she has pictures to help you along and I have learnt from her blog.  I am so, so pleased I've cracked it.

After many days of doing and un-doing and trying and trying, sweet success.  Even flowers, they were so cute, I had to try.  So, here are some examples of my hard work.  I love them and have promised myself to do at least one a day.  I have even been getting out of bed earlier to sneak one in - oh dear, it has hit me badly.

Teeny weeny flowers too, also from Lucy at Attic 24.

I adore the colours and it allows me to express myself  in a way I do not with sewing.

J'adore :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Last week's prompt from the Sunday Creative was Traditional.

I love listening to the radio, be it the news, plays, stories, music or whatever.  I had to have the modern version of the retro Roberts radio and of course it had to be pink!

The week has been so busy, what with us now being back to a full house.  H and B returned from their trip to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam with much to relay.

J and I have been visiting castles, thrift stores, the beach, and the pick-your-own farm.

J loves this 15th century castle which is also by the sea.  He gets to play out his role of the knight on horseback.

Then the thrift store which you really need to sift through for treasures.

I like these little people.
Beautiful jug.

All I came away with was this!

A cowboy at the beach!

Cold, cold water.

The farm had gorgeous produce and we came away with raspberries, beetroot, courgettes, aubergines, carrots, tomatoes and eggs.

Our bounty.

Have a happy weekend :)

Friday, 16 July 2010


The Sunday Creative prompt was Connect.

I've been connecting with Benjamin (no. 1 darling son) this week whilst Hannah (the only princess) and Jeremy (no. 2 darling son) have been enjoying the sunshine in Nice.

Now Hannah and Benjamin are away so I'm connecting with Jeremy, much to his delight - no sharing.  I thought some photos by the beach would illustrate Connect well.  Actually, any excuse to get to the beach.
We were not really prepared for the beach but nothing keeps J from the water.

Shoes off to make fooprints in the sand.  I love feeling the sand beneath my feet.

Connecting with pebbles weathered by the elements.

This photo is in relation to the ones I took last week.  The cut barley has now been turned into bales for cow feed.  I love them and often want to climb onto one but Farmer John would not like it.

Have a lovely weekend connecting with those you love :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Bunnies and horses, hay and flowers

I wanted to share these photos with you - they are a bit random.

I woke up yesterday morning and caught the Flopsy Bunnies having their morning playtime in the garden.  I love Beatrix Potter.  Her stories are adorable and her illustrations always make me smile.  I have yet to capture a Thomasina Tittlemouse  (such cute names) although they do frighten me a little, well a lot actually, however silly that may be.  My children have always loved her stories.
 Ben (son no. 1) and I have been playing tennis almost everyday this week, despite the heat and my 'no I will never get to Wimbledon' shots.  Still, it keeps him happy and I get some exercise which brings on the sweat!  A couple of handsome horses are kept in the field beside the tennis courts and they were always standing top to tail. 

Each one was swinging its tail into the other one's face.  I was thinking that it must be probably quite annoying but then realised that they were in fact keeping the flies off each other's face.  I think I'm right - anyway I like that explanation.  Horses unite against flies.

I love this field which is along the road leading to our house and has just been cropped.  Had to get to it before the hay is turned into bales for cow feed.  Next photo. 

This one reminds me of the sea, the rows of cut hay look like waves.

Then came the roses, beautiful pink wild roses growing by the roadside so after pricking many a finger I finally got some home.

Et, voilà, flowers for moi.

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Denim - this week's prompt from The Sunday Creative.  I love denim, particularly old, worn out denim.  I remain faithful to my very tired 501s which must be almost 20 years old.  In our house jeans are only discarded when the children have grown out of them and this after they have been turned into shorts.  I'm not sure if the quality of denim has changed over the years but my little boy, who is 7 wears them out at the knees in no time but then again the tears are most probably caused by tumbling and throwing himself around the garden, which my eldest son didn't do as much.  This being said mine are not in much better shape and yes I do go out in them!

Nothing is wasted, cut-off legs are used to create cushion covers.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Open Country

The Sunday Creative - Open

I thought I would try my hand at photography this time round  So, here goes for Open Country :

With the glorious days of summer now with us, the doors and windows are thrown open at dawn, only to be closed as dusk draws near.  The open fields nearby always evoke feelings of calm and I could sit and stare all day as I do find it very soothing.  Alas, reality is always round the corner and I have to drag myself away from it all.  But I know I can keep snatching moments during the day to have another look.