Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A fine Carousel, a sparkly ring and comfy pyjamas

Magical, beautiful and fun.

J never tires of them.
I fell in love (again) after seeing Amanda's gorgeous version of Annekata's beautiful fabric rings.  Had to make one right away and apart from fabric flowers it must be one of the few projects I have completed in a jiffy.  So, here's mine, embellished with a crochet flower (tutorial from the very talented Lucy at Attic 24) and a pearly button.  I learnt how to crochet this summer, from her tutorials.

I love it.

and will no doubt be making a few more.
My brain was triggered and I dug out a rather old edition of one of my Marie-Claire Idées magazines (summer 2001 - gosh, a while ago) as I remembered attempting a fabric bracelet from one of their pages.  I didn't finish it!!

And the pyjamas, to share with H :

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

It started like this...

I arrived back home with the children after a long, long drive from Paris, tired and sad after saying Au Revoir to my husband.  I was happy to be home but needed comfort and cosiness.  We have no curtains in our house - really do not need them as the only ones who peek are the birds.  However, feeling the way I was feeling and with darkness now upon us shortly after eight I wanted to keep the outside out and look at something pretty.  After a rummage through my basket and with the help of thumbtacks, my curtain was up in no time.

Up it goes when darkness falls and I can leave it to hang in the daytime, adding some prettiness and colour.
I hand-sewed this many moons ago and it has been lying in my basket (big basket of things wanting attention), unfinished.  Unable to suppress my sudden need for creativity, after handling all these fabrics and muttering about how many things needed finishing, I thought that my neglected piece could really do with some care and set to making a backing for it.

some old pillowcases,

some lace,

and I'm nearly there.

I would like to share some glorious views of Paris with you.  Please indulge me.  It's funny, I lived in Paris for 15 years and during that time I don't think I ever took any photos of the Eiffel Tower, or any other landmarks for that matter!  Now that I am a tourist...  Maybe it has something to do with not knowing how to appreciate what we have when we have it - ah - food for thought.

Bumper cars, go go go!

As always, a trip to Montmartre for the fabric shops is a must.  Most of them have been here for over 50 years and they are really fabulous.  I love these mini mannequins.

Some of my favourites.

And those too.
Happy creating :)