Friday, 9 July 2010

Bunnies and horses, hay and flowers

I wanted to share these photos with you - they are a bit random.

I woke up yesterday morning and caught the Flopsy Bunnies having their morning playtime in the garden.  I love Beatrix Potter.  Her stories are adorable and her illustrations always make me smile.  I have yet to capture a Thomasina Tittlemouse  (such cute names) although they do frighten me a little, well a lot actually, however silly that may be.  My children have always loved her stories.
 Ben (son no. 1) and I have been playing tennis almost everyday this week, despite the heat and my 'no I will never get to Wimbledon' shots.  Still, it keeps him happy and I get some exercise which brings on the sweat!  A couple of handsome horses are kept in the field beside the tennis courts and they were always standing top to tail. 

Each one was swinging its tail into the other one's face.  I was thinking that it must be probably quite annoying but then realised that they were in fact keeping the flies off each other's face.  I think I'm right - anyway I like that explanation.  Horses unite against flies.

I love this field which is along the road leading to our house and has just been cropped.  Had to get to it before the hay is turned into bales for cow feed.  Next photo. 

This one reminds me of the sea, the rows of cut hay look like waves.

Then came the roses, beautiful pink wild roses growing by the roadside so after pricking many a finger I finally got some home.

Et, voilĂ , flowers for moi.

Have a lovely weekend. :)


  1. Oh this is gorgeous...thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend yourself :)

  2. You have lovely, lovely news to share! Ah, summer!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  3. Um, do you live in heaven?!?!? Love all of these pics. Just beautiful.

  4. You are so cute and so are your photos!
    Love your photos and your blog! KEEEP IT UUUPPPP!!!!!