Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Moving... again!

Packing, packing and more packing.  There are boxes everywhere.  I have moved so many times I would have thought it would become easier each time but it seems to get harder, but that may be because my last move was only three years ago.  Not something you want to do too often.

And as the school holidays are here and we are (have been) basking in sunshine, we have to find time for the beach.

And I need a mountain of granola and yoghurt to keep me going.

I stick to homemade now.  No other tastes as good.

I shall leave you with a bowl of eye candy till next time.  Meanwhile, it's back to my boxes.



  1. Moving is hard work, my heart goes out to you having to do it again, I lost count after the 14th move!!

  2. Good luck with the move - never fun.

  3. Oh boo - moving house is never fun, I don't envy you.
    Granola looks yum though, and that bowl of crochet's lovely - take heart from that!
    Emily x

  4. Liz est un changement pour le mieux!
    Changement dans la paix!
    Bisous à vous et votre famille