Sunday, 26 June 2011

Crafty times...

I finally got round to doing some sewing, although one could hardly call a few straight lines sewing.  It was more the fun of playing with fabrics and lace.  I couldn't wait to put those pieces together.

  Posh dishcloths, made by moi.

 Finding time for some bunting too.  Heavenly!

Have a happy, crafty week.
Liz xxx


  1. So pretty, everything. My husband is in Paris on business for the second time this year. Poor him :) I always love visiting here and seeing what you've been up to. It's like a mini vacation lol!

  2. Beautiful, what lovely colours
    Emily x

  3. OOOH la them all..what happy bunting! Weekend hugs. xoxox

  4. Hi Liz,
    I was happy for you to visit me,
    your blog is very beautiful!
    Your works are beautiful!
    Be blessed and beautiful day!
    We can understand in English and
    French! kisses

  5. Thanks for Visiting my blog!
    It is very lovely here, too- beautiful photos and I love your crafty makes.
    Those covered hangers are great.