Monday, 15 April 2013

Beautiful skies

After a warm day yesterday the evening sky was stunning.

Aeroplane tracks - they have an amazing canvas to play with.

Lacy tracks

Some crochet work on the go.  I have told myself that yarn has to be used up and seeing as I have so many small amounts of random colours and amounts a 'throw it together in the most pleasing way possible' blanket was the only solution. 

It is rather huge - my largest blanket yet and not quite finished.
Chevron pattern from here.

Have a lovely week.
Liz xx


  1. Beautiful spring pictures
    Love Scat cat

  2. Beautiful colour choice for your crochet and lovely stitches too!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes

  3. Hey Liz, some interesting vapour trails, like graffiti in the sky.........
    Your blanket looks lovely too.....I've yet to master the Chevron pattern.
    Hope you manage to use up all those small amounts of yarn

    CLaire x