Thursday, 3 November 2011

A trio of baskets

Such useful little baskets and a joy to make.

Dreamy cotton colours to work with. 

You can find the pattern here.



  1. Hey Liz, I ♡ your crocheted baskets, the colours are lovely.............

    I have nade a couple and they're very handy for storing all sorts of bits and pieces. I think they're quite addictive too, once you get into a rhythm.

    Claire :}

  2. Very pretty colours - cotton gives a really good finish and I love working with it too x

  3. The perfect thing for filling up with cottton or other sewing thingies. Ageless pattern and colors. :-} Lorraine

  4. These are so lovely - and the colors are perfect together.

  5. You made these?!! Wow...what an inspiration you are..I am loving them. Hugs for a wonderful new week. xoxox

  6. Hallo! i found you through Annette. what a lovely blog !
    i`d love to visit again. have a beautiful weeek : )

  7. So pretty, its on my to do list. Thanks for sharing...

  8. What you doing thumper?

    Hope you are doing well!

    xxx HUGS Lorraine xxx

  9. Hi Liz - I came across these lovely baskets on Pinterest and they inspired me to make my own version. You can see them on my blog ( if you're interested.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. Love these baskets! You can never have too many There are so many times, like here, when clicking "here" for the pattern takes me on a wild goose chase and the pattern is forever lost to me. Do you think you could post an actual link for the pattern? I'm 75 and not very tech savvy. I'm! Crochet savvy. Thank you up front.

    1. You have to click on the word "here" in the sentence: You can find the pattern here. Right by the bowl picture and the flower vases.

  11. Where are the instructions for these beautiful baskets? I'm 75 and don't have much to do besides crochet and my latest thing is baskets. I love these as is and for the unlimited potential. I just can't find the pattern. Please help. Keep up the good work.