Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I love enamel.  I am not an avid collector, but whenever I come across an old piece that I fall in love with it comes home with me, and over the years, I have amassed a few pieces.

My latest acquisition.  This is the first time a pink one called out my name.

My favourite planter.

Chipped, but so elegant.

I adore this one, my only floral piece, which sits in the kitchen.

For washing, in times gone by.

I use enamel crockery (only new though) on a daily basis, as my Mum always did.

I hope you enjoyed them. Liz xxx


  1. Such a lovely collection...I love enamel as well and have some pretty pieces I have collected...mugs and large bowls and coffee/tea pots. I really love that pink one of yours.

    Happy day to you.

  2. Gorgeous enamelware, I also have a fair bit of it... looks great with spring flowers in! Lizzie

  3. I love those photos, I also am very fond of enamel things and have a few old enamel stuff. I see I have to take photos of them and post on my blog, it´s always so nice and so much fun to see other folks photos. :)