Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Winter wonderland

It really was quite lovely and more than we have ever set eyes on in our neck of the woods.  I do find winter landscapes truly beautiful.  They give rise to all these floaty feelings of calm and serenity.

They do so bring donuts to mind.

Magical forest.
Even the spider's web had no escape from the encroaching ice.

There has been some crafting taking shape amidst the snowy distractions. I shall keep that for later.
Hope you're all keeping warm or cool, in whichever part of the world is home. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures, Liz- like you I love a winter landscape!

  2. Beautiful photos! I looked for two days for a pretty frosty spiders web and still didnt find a whole one!

  3. Hi, Liz! I don't think that I've visited for a while. I've been away a little and just seem to have missed your posts. All that to say, my! I've had a lovely, lovely ramble through your world, today. I went all the way back to summer! =O I've loved seeing your fabrics - those curtains are adorable - the ring is priceless - the bracelets are a brilliantly beautiful idea - cheering granny squares - a trip to Amsterdam. I love the view of your fire and you kitchen is whimsical and cozy as can be. This post is, also, bearing great insight - donuts, indeed! =]

    Love, Katy Noelle

  4. Lovely photos, love the spider's web!

  5. Such a beautiful (virtual) walk through your snowy serenity! Gorgeous pics!