Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pink and orange

You know how sometimes you just rush around and throw items together without thinking twice about it.  On a busy day some time ago I was in a whirlwind.  It would seem that I have been throwing pink and orange together.  I have always loved pink but orange is a fairly newcomer into my colour spectrum.  I like it and I realise it has actually been lurking around in the shape of fabrics and flowers.  The pink came first though, has always been there.

Serendipity, really.
It all happened on the same day and it was only after I sat down for a break that I noticed all this pink and orange business going on.

Then, a few days later, still intrigued by my pink and orange craze, I found some fabric that has been around for many moons.  I searched again and found more!

VoilĂ , a pink and orange convert now.  I don't know when the seed was planted but it suits me just fine.

Liz xx